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Our Mission

To provide books to children and ignite a passion for reading that empowers each child to explore a world of opportunity.


Supplying Minnesota’s LFL stewards with free books!! Are you a member of the LFL community and want help keeping your library stocked?  The Free Book Buggie can help!

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About Us

“I’ve always loved reading, and that passion came back to me in Brazil. I’m a true book lover, my children are book lovers, and I feel that we need to find every possible way as a community to provide children of all ages with the opportunity to involve books and reading in their lives.”-Debbie

The Free Book Buggie is the brainchild of Debbie Beck, and was meticulously constructed by its Founding Team. On a trip to Brazil with her daughter, Debbie found the inspiration for The Buggie as she was traveling along the southern coast.

Stopping in a small, colonial town just outside of Rio, she noticed a multicolored van that was filled with books, and its owner sitting on a chair beside a table full of books. Seeing the attention the van received, especially from children, Debbie realized her desire to bring that same excitement of reading back home to Minnesota.

Along with her co-founder, Sue Fredericks, and the generous help of volunteers,  Debbie and the Buggie travel around the Twin Cities giving free books to children of all ages and promoting literacy.

Our Impact

As a local MN nonprofit, our team is dedicated to providing ALL children access to free age- appropriate books to have in their homes.  Since June 2018, and in collaboration with over 90 community groups and organizations, TFBB has distributed almost 100,000 books and impacted the lives of thousands of children in the Twin Cities area.



Read the impact of The Free Book Buggie!

Amber Preisler

“I can’t get over these kids at Stories Together! More are coming and all of them love it! My last Tuesday morning I only had 2 kids, this time 9! They really enjoyed getting free books and playing with the toys!! Kept asking when we were coming back and why were not coming back tomorrow”

Sally Newbury

Volunteer Engagement Coordinator, NorthPoint, Inc., Minneapolis, MN

“The Free Book Buggie is a great partner with us at NorthPoint Health and Wellness Center!  Our children’s book shelves in the medical reception, dental clinic and human services building look much better since we received your books and I had 3 little kids come visit me as I was restocking today.  They were so excited!  We could easily go through 20 books a day because we encourage each child to take home a pre-school book with each visit to NorthPoint.  Our goal is to get young children excited about reading before they start school.  During the school break times, we are busier than ever and it is great to keep the young scholars interested in learning.  Thank you!”

Dawn Anderson

Bloomington Covenant Church, The Clothes Closet, Bloomington, MN

“We were grateful to partner with The Free Book Buggie on Sept 29th. They set up tables in our guest waiting area with the books laid out and beautifully organized. What a fun surprise for our kids to be able to pick out books for free! For most of the families we serve, toys and books are extras that don’t fit in their budgets. Having books available to them made the kids feel special. Deb, Sue & Crew were so enthusiastic about helping kids pick out their favorite books. They came in and did their own set up and tear down without needing any assistance. They weren’t able to join us at our October opening which was disappointing for the kids. We look forward to having them join us in the future.”

Dana Janowiak

St. Paul-Ramsey CO. – Public Health – Family Health Division – Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

“Thank you to the Free Book Buggie for donating books to the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program. By giving your books to children with lead poisoning, I hope to foster a love for reading and contribute to a supportive home environment that positively influences the child’s development. When I pull a book out of my bag and give it to a child, they reach for it right away!”

A Very Excited New Volunteer


I just wanted to let you know how much I truly enjoyed volunteering with all of the women on Saturday in Burnsville. I have already signed up for January and February and will continue to look for other opportunities to volunteer throughout the months.
I have reached out to a few friends about the small school bus but no luck yet. I will continue to search.
Thank you for doing what you do. It encompasses kids and books. Two of my favorite things. Finding your organization has really made my year!
Enjoy your holidays and your vacation next week. I will see you again in 2022.

Sharon Cross

“Priceless!! And such a wonderful example of your work and the remarkable collaboration with the Free Book Buggie”

Denise Anderson

“Despite generous donations, our Little Free Library in downtown Minneapolis was running short of books for kids. A very welcome donation from The Free Book Buggie has allowed us to continue serving our high-need area, which includes a homeless shelter. The joy of a toddler showing off her new book, the intensity of a preteen discussing his favorite authors, the quiet contemplation of a teen reading a classic, and the grateful thanks of parents will continue because of The Free Book Buggie.”

Child Receiving Books

“I get to take these home with me?! These are mine?!”

Americorps volunteer

“When The Free Book Buggie arrived, with their endless buckets of books, we were all buzzing with excitement! The books were well-organized, and labeled, by age making it easy for families to find the appropriate books for their child. Not only were they efficient in their set-up and clean up, but their level of excitement to give out free books matched that of the children and families that visited the museum that night. We are excited to continue this partnership with The Free Book Buggie and hope to see them at many of our future Family Events.”

Amber Preisler

AmeriCorps VISTAMayor Carter Birth-3 Initiative

“The Phalen Village Little Free Library Event could not of happened without the wonderful and gracious book donations from The Free Book Buggie. They were able to provide a great idea of handing out a “book bag” containing 3 books to each child that attended the event and also filling 4 Little Free Libraries with books. This left an estimated 200 books in the hands of children that may have not had the chance to own one book. I want to thank them in supporting and collaborating with Mayor Melvin Carters Birth-3 Initiative and St. Paul- Ramsey Co. Public Health.”

What We Do

The Free Book Buggie travels around the Twin Cities providing free books to children ages birth to teenagers. Our collection of books provides something for children of all ages and cultural backgrounds. We work with local partners and programs to ensure that family focused agencies are able to provide books for their children on behalf of The Free Book Buggie. Check out some of the services we provide below!

  • Contribute books to Little Free Libraries
  • Engage in community events with other family focused organizations
  • Supply books to local laundromats in the Twin Cities area
  • Donate oodles of books to local community-based organizations and agencies
  • Provide reading Buggie buddies to schools and organizations on request

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The Free Book Buggie Partners with Community Leaders to Provide Free Books to Children

In September of 2019, we partnered with a few local laundromats in the Twin Cities to provide free books to children who otherwise might not have access at home. Owner of Metro Coin Laundry, Deb Machacek said,

“My husband and I are thrilled to be partnered with The Book Buggie! Three of our five laundromats have a play room area for young people but all five stores have a shelf with books from The Book Buggie. Promoting literacy is so very important and we love having books available for all our customers young and old! Having the books available is great but allowing our customers to take a book they find interesting home with them is the icing on the cake! Because these books are donated by various means, we provide them for our customers to enjoy while at the store or continue reading once they return home. Our customers love having something for the kids to do while using the laundromat but we find adult customers reading them too! Great way to pass the time! Thank you Book Buggie for providing books to our stores and we look forward to filling our boxes soon to continue getting books into everyone’s hands!”

Check out some photos from the laundromat partnership!

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Minnesota Local Nonprofit News

In late December, 2019, amongst the holiday hustle and bustle, tragedy hit Minneapolis hard as a result of a fire in the Drake Hotel. More than 250 people, including children, were displaced and without a place to stay. Among nonprofits giving back, The Free Book Buggie loaded up and headed out to cheer up the children and families affected by the fire by giving out free books. Take a look at the video below:

More Nonprofit News!

In August of 2019, The Free Book Buggie was honored to partner with the Little Free Library to provide books to children around the Twin Cities. Thanks to Jon Cox, a Metro State intern, he was able to capture the greatness of this day. When asked about the event, Jon said:

“Through my eyes, the ‘Little Free Library Project’ has miraculously encouraged the magic of literacy and imagination, while bringing people together from all walks of life. This project has brilliantly opened minds and hearts, as well as created bonds between communities, among individuals of all ages. Thank you to everyone who helped pull this profoundly empowering project together.”

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