Welcome to The Free Book Buggie!

We mobilize free books to children of all ages to engage families and communities in cultivating minds.

Who We Are

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a passion to share the love of reading with children of all ages. Our goal is to cultivate literacy and show children that reading is not only fun but allows them to dream, learn, go on adventures and be empowered to shape their future.

Get to Know Us!

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Director of I.T.

What We Do

The Free Book Buggie travels around the Twin Cities providing free books to children ages birth to teenagers. Our collection of books provides something for children of all ages and cultural backgrounds. We work with local partners and programs to ensure that family focused agencies are able to provide books for their children on behalf of the Free Book Buggie. Check out some of the services we provide below!

  • Contribute books to Little Free Libraries
  • Engage in community events with other family focused organizations
  • Supply books to local laundromats in the Twin Cities area
  • Donate oodles of books to local community-based organizations and agencies
  • Provide reading Buggie buddies to schools and organizations on request

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Check out some photos from our recent laundromat partnership!

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