Welcome to The Free Book Buggie!

We mobilize free books to children of all ages to engage families and communities in cultivating minds.

Who We Are

We are a nonprofit organization with a passion to share the love of reading with children of all ages. Our goal is to cultivate literacy and show children that reading is not only fun but allows them to dream, learn, go on adventures and be empowered to shape their future.

Centered around the idea of bringing books directly to communities and into everyday life, The Free Book Buggie aims to make accessibility to books and reading easier, more fun for children of all ages, and most importantly…FREE.

Reading gives us the opportunity to lose ourselves in a world of fantasy; it allows us to travel to new lands and take on new adventures without leaving the comfort of our own world. This is what we desire to bring to every child, while also teaching them how to encourage the growth and learning of others through sharing books.

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Why Free Books?

In today’s world, the majority of all children’s literature read outside of school comes from an electronic source. Gone are the days where one would prefer the weight of a book in hand over the ease and accessibility of the same literature on an electronic device. However, the benefits of reading from a physical source such as a book or magazine are still prevalent and crucial while a child is growing up. It helps to improve memory retention, strengthens focus, and aids in the expansion of vocabulary and knowledge. Reading provides the necessary mental stimulation that people of all ages  require to prosper and thrive in life. Just as our bodies require regular exercise, our minds require the challenge and exercise that reading provides.

We feel that children should be able to have access to books anytime and because we know not all families have the resources to obtain books for their children, The Free Book Buggie can provide that resource to families.

How does the Free Book Buggie work?

The Free Book Buggie travels around the Twin Cities providing children access to literature of all kinds and levels. Our motto is simple: take a book, leave a book. We encourage all of our children to promote the understanding that “sharing is caring”, and we do so by asking them to bring a book from home to donate to The Free Book Buggie in exchange for taking a new book to read and explore. Don’t have books to trade? That’s ok, take a book anyway! We believe that all children should have access to reading and learning, regardless.

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