Debbie Beck


Favorite Children’s Book: Nancy Drew

Debbie has always loved reading since she was a little girl. When she had children of her own, she was determined to pass along that passion for reading. When her children were growing up, Debbie and Co-Founder Sue Fredericks spearheaded February Reading Month at Sioux Trail Elementary School. The month of February consisted of weekly and month-long reading challenges for all grades, encouraging children to meet the goals. Now that her kids are grown, Debbie wants to pass along her passion for reading to all children through The Free Book Buggie.

Debbie has a master’s in Public and Nonprofit Administration (MPNA) and a B.A. in Relational Communications, both from Metropolitan State University. She has been volunteering for the past 45 years in a variety of nonprofit organizations and has held both board and committee positions. Her first passion, helping others with career discovery, led her to start her own business, Career Exploration Outreach (CEO). Her second passion, The Free Book Buggie, was created out of the desire to connect children of all ages with books in hopes of instilling a love of reading, discovering, learning and growing. Debbie currently lives in Apple Valley, MN with her beagle, Louie. In her spare time, she enjoys being outside, spending time and being silly with her children and friends.

“I have always gravitated to the nonprofit world because I have a great love of helping people learn about themselves and discover their future full of possibilities. I am an engaged life cheerleader and believe that we all have a responsibility to make our communities, and this world, a better place to live in.”

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