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In late December, 2019, amongst the holiday hustle and bustle, tragedy hit Minneapolis hard as a result of a fire in the Drake Hotel. More than 250 people, including children, were displaced and without a place to stay. Among nonprofits giving back, The Free Book Buggie loaded up and headed out to cheer up the children and families affected by the fire by giving out free books. Take a look at the video below:

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In August of 2019, The Free Book Buggie was honored to partner with the Little Free Library to provide books to children around the Twin Cities. Thanks to Jon Cox, a Metro State intern, he was able to capture the greatness of this day. When asked about the event, Jon said:

“Through my eyes, the ‘Little Free Library Project’ has miraculously encouraged the magic of literacy and imagination, while bringing people together from all walks of life. This project has brilliantly opened minds and hearts, as well as created bonds between communities, among individuals of all ages. Thank you to everyone who helped pull this profoundly empowering project together.”

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