Our Board

Debbie Beck, Founder

Debbie Beck received her Master’s of Public and Nonprofit Administration in 2015 with no intention of ever starting a nonprofit. Three years later, after getting the idea for TFBB on a trip to Brazil, Debbie and her friend Sue put their passion for giving children access to free books into action. 

Debbie is the mother of two adult children, two dogs, and has four grandpuppies. She loves reading but has found herself gravitating towards reading children’s books these days. 

“It takes all of us working together to build strong families and communities.”

“It takes all of us working together to build strong families and communities.”


Archana Desai, Director

Books were a large part of my childhood and I truly believe they open up new worlds and empower kids to think for themselves. Literacy is a cornerstone to a child’s success and by providing free books to any child that wants one, TFBB also enables educational equity. I appreciate the opportunity to help grow this organization that has such a positive impact on our community.

Allison Mann, Director

To see a child hold a book of their very own is magical. Their eyes light up as they turn the pages and sink into the world in their hands. Every child should be able to experience the joy of books. The mission of The Free Book Buggie lit my soul on fire. One glimpse and there was no turning back!

Becky Woller, Treasurer

My mother instilled a great love of reading in me from a very young age.  I remember one of my favorite things to do when I was younger was visiting our local library and getting to pick out 7 new books each week during summer vacation.  I loved the adventure of the worlds within books! Now, I am honored to be a part of The Free Book Buggie whose mission is to foster the love of reading in ALL children by giving access to free books.

Jen Teschendorf, Director

I was so inspired by the impact that this organization has had on kids in the Twin Cities that it was impossible not to get involved in a more hands-on role. I joined the board to help take The Free Book Buggie to the next level, by understanding the organization’s different initiatives and streamlining communication and strategies across the board to help maximize growth potential!

Molika Gupta, Director

Having volunteered at Wayzata Schools, both as a PTA Board Member and the Read-a-thon chair, Molika was looking for other ways to give back to the community with her children. Molika is passionate about TFBB’s mission because reading provides us all with the opportunity to access new experiences and unlock creativity and imagination.

Nycole Waller, Director

I wanted to get involved with TFBB because books are the key to imagination and a world we have yet to discover. I love being able to support an organization who is able to give that to children in our communities.