Our Mission

As a Minnesota nonprofit, our mission is to provide books to children and ignite a passion for reading that empowers each child to explore a world of opportunity.

Why Free Books?

In today’s world, the majority of all children’s literature comes from an electronic source. Gone are the days where one would prefer the weight of a book in hand over the ease and accessibility of the same literature on an electronic device. However, the benefits of reading from a physical source such as a book or magazine are still prevalent and crucial while a child is growing up. It helps to improve memory retention, strengthens focus, and aids in the expansion of vocabulary and knowledge. Reading provides the necessary mental stimulation that people of all ages  require to prosper and thrive in life. Just as our bodies require regular exercise, our minds require the challenge and exercise that reading provides.

We feel that children should be able to have access to books anytime and because we know not all families have the resources to obtain books for their children, The Free Book Buggie can provide that resource to families.