Our Impact

As a local Minnesota nonprofit, our team is dedicated to providing ALL children access to free age-appropriate books to have in their homes.  Since June 2018, and in collaboration with over 300 community groups and organizations, TFBB has distributed over 275,000 books and impacted the lives of thousands of children in the Twin Cities area.

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When faced with distributing literally thousands of books from a local parochial school, which closed last spring, the challenge seemed daunting. Staff and families were overwhelmed with the various tasks and grief that came with closing their school after more then a century of operation. Bringing in a dumpster and throwing away all the books was seriously considered. Thankfully Sue and Debbie from the Free Book Buggie came to the rescue! They brought their enthusiasm, energy, and volunteers into a difficult situation and turned it into a blessing for both the school and the children who will benefit from their efforts! Their presence truly was a God-send. Thank you!

A Very Excited New Volunteer


I just wanted to let you know how much I truly enjoyed volunteering with all of the women on Saturday in Burnsville. I have already signed up for January and February and will continue to look for other opportunities to volunteer throughout the months.
I have reached out to a few friends about the small school bus but no luck yet. I will continue to search.
Thank you for doing what you do. It encompasses kids and books. Two of my favorite things. Finding your organization has really made my year!
Enjoy your holidays and your vacation next week. I will see you again in 2022.

Denise Anderson

“Despite generous donations, our Little Free Library in downtown Minneapolis was running short of books for kids. A very welcome donation from The Free Book Buggie has allowed us to continue serving our high-need area, which includes a homeless shelter. The joy of a toddler showing off her new book, the intensity of a preteen discussing his favorite authors, the quiet contemplation of a teen reading a classic, and the grateful thanks of parents will continue because of The Free Book Buggie.”

Neighborhood House Event Employee

“Yesterday the book buggie was at the Metro State Produce Distribution run by Neighborhood House. After it was over I went back inside to grab the last three boxes of books.  There was a woman going through it and grabbing books for her friend who has three young children and no books in the house.  She said it would be the start of their library! She probably grabbed about 20-30 books. I thought it was sweet.”

ISD 917 Transition Education Service Alternative

Little did we know when we began this partnership, the joy students would experience when completing the assigned tasks. Students frequently find books they have fond childhood memories of and this opens conversations with their teammates. In addition, they find books that they are interested in reading and are given the opportunity to bring the books home and read as a leisure activity. When we began this partnership, one student expressed his opinion that people don’t read paper books anymore. Over the course of this partnership, this very same student has found books that he himself was interested in and brought home to read.

Elementary Teacher

Thank you so much for all the books!! The kids loved them! We made forts in the room and gave the kids flashlights to read in the forts with while we got some testing done- then they were able to take 2 or 3 books home for winter break. They were so excited!!

Child Receiving Books

“I get to take these home with me?! These are mine?!”

Child Receiving Books

“I’m going to have my dad read me every one of these books at bedtime.”

Ramsey County Health Nurse

The Phalen Village Little Free Library Event could not have happened without the wonderful and gracious book donations from The Free Book Buggie. They were able to provide a great idea of handing out a “book bag” containing 3 books to each child that attended the event and also filling 4 Little Free Libraries with books. This left an estimated 200 books in the hands of children that may have not had the chance to own one book. I want to thank them in supporting and collaborating with Mayor Melvin Carters Birth-3 Initiative and St. Paul- Ramsey Co. Public Health.

A Happy Parent

The book buggie works. We’ve been hoping for the night that our daughter would stay up reading by nightlight!! Hooray! A win!