About Us

“I’ve always loved reading, and that passion came back to me in Brazil. I’m a true book lover, my children are book lovers, and I feel that we need to find every possible way as a community to provide children of all ages with the opportunity to involve books and reading in their lives.”-Debbie

The Free Book Buggie is the brainchild of Debbie Beck, and was meticulously constructed by its Founding Team. On a trip to Brazil with her daughter, Debbie found the inspiration for The Buggie as she was traveling along the southern coast.

Stopping in a small, colonial town just outside of Rio, she noticed a multicolored van that was filled with books, and its owner sitting on a chair beside a table full of books. Seeing the attention the van received, especially from children, Debbie realized her desire to bring that same excitement of reading back home to Minnesota.

Along with her co-founder, Sue Fredericks, and the generous help of volunteers,  Debbie and the Buggie travel around the Twin Cities giving free books to children of all ages and promoting literacy.